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Inspections & Regular Maintenance Keep Playgrounds Safe

In Canada, 2,500 children below 14 years old are hospitalized yearly for serious playground fall injuries. Studies show that falls exceeding 1.5-2m in height increase the likelihood of incurring an injury, and the risk of severe injury doubles on playgrounds using non-recommended or ill-maintained surfaces.

The Canadian Standards Association guidelines for public playgrounds include design, installation, and maintenance recommendations. Regular maintenance and inspections keep equipment performing as intended, playground surfaces clear of hazards, and materials like sand and gravel at recommended depths.

Injuries can be prevented; inspections play a large part.

Regular inspections and accompanying maintenance schedules will be set individually but often follow daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly pattern. Using a software program can make it easy to reference past reports, create clear communication and follow-up.


Create Safer Spaces for Children

Using an automated safety inspection software like CityReporter can streamline workflows and make communication easier. Learn more about how we can assist with park & playground safety inspections.

CityReporter Inspection, Management & Workflow Tracking Software is a user-friendly tool that digitizes the inspection process and makes critical information available anywhere, anytime. 

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