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Alan Kavanaugh

Alan Kavanaugh is the Director of Loss Control & Risk Management at Noratek Solutions Inc. in Prince George. Since 1986, Alan has provided risk-management services to pulp mills, sawmills, school districts, school divisions, and municipalities throughout western Canada. He has specialized training and experience in fire-protection system analysis, playground audits, and developing fire-safety plans. He is an active member of the NFPA, ASTM, NFC (National Fire code) as well as the CSA standard committee Z614 – Playgrounds.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Charging Safety and Fire Prevention

January 18th, 2024 - Recently, there have been multiple reported incidents involving electric scooters, cellphones, and various devices powered by Lithium-Ion batteries, where they have overheated or burst into flames during operation or charging. As Lithium-Ion batteries are extensively used in devices like Electric Vehicles due to their charging capacities, it is crucial for all owners and operators to be aware of specific concerns associated with their use. 

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Kids Playing on Stumps

Natural Play Areas: Connecting Communities to Nature

Children have learned through playing with nature since the beginning of time, climbing trees, making tree houses, running through leaves, and digging in the sand. Modern thinking is that natural play of this kind should be encouraged as it contributes to overall fitness, coordination, and self-discipline. It also helps with concentration, emotional development, and imagination. There are also benefits to exploring nature during lessons or even just holding a lesson in a pleasant natural environment.  

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